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Our Buyer Abuse Policy captures inappropriate customers’ behavior.

Buyers are not allowed to use reviews, return programs, consumer protection tools, and payment disputes negatively. We invite you to read the detailed text of our policy below. It describes all expectations of the Marketplace administration regarding Buyers’ behavior norms on our platform.


How should I complain about abusive behavior?

Utilize the Report a Buyer tool in order to inform the platform administration about noticed abusive behavior.

What should I do if I think the Buyer is voicing unfounded complaints?

In such a situation, do not agree to any amendments or changes to the terms of your listing. If new demands and offers contrary to the terms and conditions of your trade offer are received from the Buyer, you will, in any case, be protected from unfounded negative feedback. You will also be protected if you cancel the order or deliver the item.

What is the essence of a payment debate?

Payment debate may occur when the Buyer starts the payment refund for the goods’ payment with a financial service provider or credit card issuer.

Abusive Buyer policy description 

In this set of rules, we describe our understanding of Buyers' standards of behavior. If they do not meet our parameters, Sellers have the legal right to notify the administration of inappropriate behavior.

The rules in this code of practice can lead to certain actions, including loss of Money Back Guarantee from CoolOrca, account blocking, warnings, denial of refunds, total account termination.

In the process of analyzing the application for a violation of the established rules, we carefully examine all the conditions and circumstances of what happened and review the offender's profile. The administration makes decisions based on evidence of a particular case. If we doubt a particular situation, we will not take drastic measures. The administration of CoolOrca respects the privacy of all participants of the platform, and we do not plan to make public the details of the proceedings.

The forbidden behavior model

You can't ask for something not available in the main listing. 

Not allowed

Requirement of delivery service from the Seller, if it is not offered.

The requirement from the Seller to send the order to an address other than the original address (specified originally in the order).

Request for a payment method not provided.

A request for the Seller to hold an item so that the Buyer can pay for it at later.

A request for a financial refund without actually returning the item purchased.

A request for a discount, additional services and merchandise that is not covered by the listing.


Selecting one of the available delivery services provided by the Seller of a particular product.

Changing your shipping address before making a new purchase on CoolOrca.

Payment for goods by any available payment method.

Payment in full within 2 days.

Return of purchased goods according to Seller's return policy.

Not allowed

Complaint of non-receipt of the goods with proof of their actual arrival (corresponding mark in the Order Details).

False statement or recall of non-conformity of the product with the original description


Information that the order was not delivered, if it really was not delivered by the last allowable delivery day.

A complaint that the item does not match its original description if the order you received does not match the parameters in the original advertisement.

The return tool should not be abused.

Not allowed

Return of a merchandise item that is radically different from the original.

Return of a merchandise item that does not match the description provided.


Return of the product received in original condition.

Return of the purchase if its appearance and parameters do not match the description stated by the Seller.

Abuse of bidding and communication on CoolOrca is prohibited.

Not allowed

It is forbidden to send intimidating or offensive messages to other CoolOrca members.

It is forbidden to create bids, win auctions, and not pay for goods.


It is allowed to refuse the created bid strictly under a few exceptional conditions.

You may not use messages to ask questions to clarify the product description.

The Buyer protection tools of the CoolOrca Marketplace must not be neglected or abused. The dispute resolution tools must not be abused either.

Not allowed

Create repeated requests using other tools to protect Buyers. 

Pursue the sellers and constantly write them messages on the reason of non-receipt of the order, if the date of the last day of the supposed delivery has expired.

Submit a request for a refund using the Money Back Guarantee tool or other means of protecting the Consumer:

  • When you have already successfully received a cash refund.

  • When you have not made payment for an item.

  • In retaliation against the Seller (for example, because of a prior dispute).

File a dispute about a payment transaction if you've already received a financial refund from that Seller or a refund from a payment service provider.

File duplicate payment disputes.


Organize a case for a secure refund from CoolOrca, or initiate next issue for other Buyer protection tool after the goods that were received turned out not to be in accordance with the parameters in the listing.

Initiate a CoolOrca Money Back Guarantee or other cases to protect the Buyer's rights in a situation where you have not had your order delivered and have not been able to resolve the problem with the Seller amicably.

Pay for items you have won in auctions. 

The buyers are obliged to pay for products bought or won in CoolOrca auctions strictly within 4 days from the date of deciding to buy. The Seller has a right to cancel an order if full payment is not received within 4 days after auction's completion or “Buy Now” button purchase.

Buyers who have accumulated a large number of unpaid or canceled orders may justifiably receive a ban on continued purchases or earn restrictions on their purchases.

Additional data

Procurement practices require the following set of rules and regulations to be followed.

Contacts with users: Communication with Sellers via messages within CoolOrca, via email, on the platform forums must be organized according to the rules of the member contact policy.

Customs Declarations: It is forbidden to require a Seller to declare products falsely. This is illegal.

Unwanted purchase: We consider as such a purchase of goods in a situation where you do not actually plan to buy the item or do not intend to comply with Seller's rules and requirements.

Contact data: All members of the trading platform are obliged to keep strictly current, valid data in their personal profiles. The administration is forced to take appropriate measures against those who provide untrue or inaccurate contact data.

Why does Coolorca offer and use this policy?

The CoolOrca administration wants to make the platform as safe online shopping space as possible for both parties - the Buyer and the Seller. To this end, we ask all platform members to follow the proposed set of rules strictly. If the Buyers do not comply with our laws, we will take action and protect our Sellers in every possible way.