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Any offers to sell goods or buy them outside of the official Marketplace website are illegal and prohibited. Furthermore, buyers and sellers are strictly prohibited from giving each other personal information, including contact numbers and email, up to the moment of successful completion of the transaction on the CoolOrca website.

When communicating with a registered CoolOrca user in order to solve the problem of transferring a purchase outside of the CoolOrca website, both parties to the transaction are exposed to the risk of fraud. Consequently, sellers and buyers who disclose confidential information to each other are not subject to our seller and buyer protection programs.

Offers to buy or sell outside of Coolorca are not permitted. Buyers and sellers cannot share contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, prior to completing a transaction on Coolorca.

Buyers and sellers are prohibited to:

- Communicate with the users on the trading platform and have the purpose of completing the transaction (purchase or sale) on other resources than CoolOrca.

-Request contact information or provide it to the CoolOrca member himself/herself before completing the purchase or sale.

Exception: The seller has the right to provide his/her telephone number if the customer has an option to "Ask the seller a question" or other services that the CoolOrca administration has previously approved.

-Promoting and suggesting visits to other resources when communicating with participants of the CoolOrca project and interfering with sales on CoolOrca.

-Use confidential information accessed as a result of a transaction through CoolOrca to subsequently offer to buy or sell outside of the CoolOrca marketplace

-Publish product groups and subsequently refer to similar types of products sold on third-party resources outside of CoolOrca

-Promote product catalogs used for sales purposes outside the CoolOrca marketplace.

-Publish images and detailed product descriptions outside of CoolOrca

Buyers and sellers are recommended to:

Finish purchases on the CoolOrca Marketplace to receive CoolOrca consumer and merchant protection and be able to process refunds (as necessary).

How do I know if a CoolOrca transaction has been successfully closed? To do so, select one of the available options:

-Follow the CoolOrca checkout to complete your purchase.

-View the purchase information in the user's activity history (purchases/sales).

-Try the "Best Offer" or "Seller Initiated Offer" option in order to accept the offer and agree on the price.

-Try the "Private Offer" option to generate and send a personalized offer via private message to a specific customer.

Any activity that does not comply with CoolOrca guidelines and rules may result in a number of prohibitive actions, such as cancellation of listings, downgrade or complete hiding from buyers, message blocking, drop-in seller rating, imposition of restrictions on buying or selling, temporary or permanent account suspension, penalties. Any fees and charges paid or to be paid by reason of listings or accounts that CoolOrca takes action on are not refundable to the payer.

Received an offer from the seller to make a payment on another site, outside CoolOrca Marketplace? Please, report it.

Received an offer from the buyer to make a payment on another site, outside CoolOrca Marketplace? Please, report it.

Why does Coolorca offer this policy?

Any initiative to pay for items sold on CoolOrca outside this site is perceived as a direct fraud. Such actions expose both sellers and buyers to serious risks. We do not guarantee the distribution of our security features for outer transactions except the official website. Similarly, it is not possible to issue refunds or other security tools. Remember, CoolOrca invests money to connect buyers and sellers and bring them mutual benefits.