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The designated set of disclaimer rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Disclaimer" or "Agreement") is an agreement between CoolOrca Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CoolOrca", ", Inc.", "We" or "Our") and a platform member (hereinafter referred to as "User", "Customer", "You", "Your"). The proposed document sets forth a general list of rules and requirements for the site’s and all of its services’ usage ("Site" or "Services").


Any assumptions and opinions posted on the site are considered the property of the content creators but are not a direct representation of people and businesses with whom CoolOrca may be associated in matters of employment or personal relationships. All assumptions and opinions are not intended to compromise ethnic groups, religions, organizations, individuals.

Content published

You may print a copy of any part of our site, but it is strictly for non-commercial use. The right to print materials from CoolOrca does not entitle you to change any part of the site. Using any material taken from the CoolOrca Marketplace site and applying it to other works by direct copying without CoolOrca's permission is strictly prohibited and is a violation.

You may comment on any available content posted on the site. Suppose you upload a piece of information to our site. In that case, you are transferring rights to that material to the CoolOrca administration, thereby allowing it to be published, distributed, displayed, and reused in the data included therein. You may not represent another person on your own behalf through our site. You may not publish threatening, obscene, fraudulent, or defamatory information that in any way violates the rights and freedoms of third parties or our site. Users may also not post information that infringes on the intellectual property rights of other entities or individuals. For example, we prohibit users from posting files and other content that contain virus codes or programs that could harm the Site or the operation of computers. By posting any information on CoolOrca, you automatically grant us the right to edit it and remove it at any time, for any reason whatsoever. 

Reimbursement and sponsoring

The presented web resource endorses all kinds of sponsorships, pay-per-view bets, and other effective compensation techniques. CoolOrca receives rewards for published opinions about products and services. This compensation is able to influence the content of promotional posts and messages published on the marketplace. Sponsored content is consistently identified as advertising. In addition, some links on our site may be affiliate ones. Therefore, by clicking on them and buying goods and services, you give CoolOrca a chance to receive commissions from partners.

Non-financial advice

The information on the website is offered purely for the user's convenience and should not be construed as financial or other advice. Nothing on the website constitutes advice, or recommendations by, Inc. or its representatives, employees, or affiliated companies. We do not force or urge you to buy or sell financial instruments or trade securities.

All information you see on this site is general and is not affiliated with any specific individual or entity. No part of this site should be construed as financial or other advice, just as no information on this site should be construed as a complete statement of the issues or problems discussed. Only the user himself takes the responsibility to assess the probable risks and benefits that can bring a particular information. Therefore, before using it, always think about the consequences. By using this site, you automatically agree not to hold ColOrca and its employees and affiliated companies liable for any requests for damages arising from the misuse of the information published on CoolOrca. 

All investments are speculative and may involve a severe risk of loss. That is why CoolOrca urges you to invest with extra caution. If you wish, it is possible to get advice from a responsible specialist. The administration does not provide any guarantees for your actions implemented based on the information posted on our site. Any investment is a particular risk, so the responsibility for the result is strictly on the individual.

Reviews and recommendations

Acceptable methods for submitting reviews on the site. Reviews do not always reflect an accurate description of the product. CoolOrca is not responsible for all comments and opinions posted on the marketplace and does not always agree with every one of them. All published opinions refer strictly to specific authors, and they are responsible for the truthfulness of the information posted. We may modify individual reviews to shorten them or convey more accurate data, but only if the review contains unnecessary information of no relevance to the general public. The administration may check reviews for truthfulness before they are published.

Damages payment and guarantees

Despite our best efforts to ensure the absolute truthfulness of the information displayed on the site CoolOrca still cannot be held responsible for minor errors and outputs resulting from this content use. All information on the site is provided to users in its original form without guaranteeing its accuracy or relevance. Neither CoolOrca nor our agents or colleagues are liable to users for decisions made based on the application of information from the site. Neither are we responsible for any damages you may suffer due to consulting the information on the site. The information published here may change at any time without prior notice to users.

The administration of the site may modify this disclaimer at any time without prior notice to users. The changes may concern the content of the site, services, and products. All amendments will be effective immediately when updates are posted. In addition, we will generally post a prominent announcement of any changes to the site's terms of use on the home page. You automatically agree to all of our terms and conditions by continuing using the site.

Agreement to this set of rules

Users agree and acknowledge that they have read all of the provisions of this set of rules and support every thought set forth therein. You acknowledge that you will abide by the restrictions outlined in this disclaimer by visiting our site. If you disagree with even one of the provisions, you may not use our site and its tools.

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