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Advertising based on user interests as well as targeted advertising products is tailored to customer preferences. CoolOrca administration can show you ads based on your requests in order to improve the quality of your shopping and show you the most exciting products from categories you are interested in.

Selecting interest-based ads.

We use the data you give us personally to select ads according to your interests. This also applies to search queries on the site. We remind you that we will not use your personal information such as your name, surname or e-mail address to show you certain promotional products. In order to offer you potentially interesting advertisement we can collect and accumulate information on your request strictly till the moment it is essential for registration of advertisement service. The administration acts following the privacy policy and applicable laws.

We use cookies and related tools to monitor rate pages and ads. By clicking on these publications, you allow us to accumulate and analyze search query statistics, better understand specific consumer interests, and calculate the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns shown to our visitors. All these operations help us improve the quality of shopping on our platform and offer you the best and most relevant advertising products. If statistics show us that specific ad topics are not interesting or applicable to you, we will not display them.

We ask users to read our privacy policy carefully. Find out what information we can collect and how we process it afterward.

Collaboration with third parties concerning interest-based ads

We actively cooperate with advertising vendors and selected advertising agencies, search engines, and social networks to improve the quality of the advertisements published on the site and make your shopping experience better. By displaying ads with your personal interests in mind, we do not share your personal information, disclose your identity, or involve third parties in the application of such information. Also, the administration does not share users' personal information with advertisers or third parties who are technically responsible for publishing ads. The advertising agencies and their employees are aware that users view targeted content by clicking on such ads and are, therefore, a target group for this type of advertising.

Third parties may provide us with non-private but general user data (demographics, data regarding frequently visited websites) obtained from various sources, including online and offline. CoolOrca has the right to use this information to improve the quality of displayed advertisements and directly improve your shopping experience.

The advertising agencies always involve cookies in order to transmit and display advertisements on your device and directly in your browser. They automatically access your IP address. Cookies are used strictly to measure the effectiveness of the advertising content they publish, to show you the most effective advertising ideas and services. For more details on the monitoring and cleaning of cookies, the staff responsible for setting cookies, and other information, please read the rules set by CoolOrca for the cookies' use.

Preferred advertisements

The users can select the type of advertisements broadcasted by the CoolOrca administration. The user also has the right to refuse to view targeted advertisements on our marketplace. You will continue to see ads when you visit the site, but they will be general  (not based on your preferences). For more information on the algorithms for setting advertising preferences, we recommend referring to the "Advertising preferences" section.