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The proposed document controls the relationship between parties represented by the Buyer and the Seller regarding Goods and funds return.

Please be sure to read the Refunds Policy. This policy is intended for Buyers and traders registered on the CoolOrca online trading platform. This policy dictates the basic rules and regulations for returns and refund procedures.

Any items you purchase through our website can be returned to the Seller. Each Buyer is entitled to request a partial or full refund but subject to the rules outlined below.

CoolOrca is a modern online marketplace designed for online shopping (buying and selling Goods), but not for exchanging Goods. If the Purchaser decides to exchange items previously bought on our trading platform, or if he/she is not satisfied with the Goods’ quality, the CoolOrca administration strongly recommends returning these items. In this case, first of all, it is necessary to draw up and submit an application for a refund (in part or in total) and then continue making other purchases.

Order cancellation, partial and full cancellation

The Buyer is vested with the right to cancel Goods (completely or partially) included in a single order. If it is a partial refund, it may affect the amount of the price or delivery conditions beyond CoolOrca's control. Therefore, every Buyer should be aware of such adjustments. If the Buyer has placed several orders and then decides to cancel individual orders, the processing of each request for a refund or cancellation will be handled gradually, separately.


In a situation where the Buyer initiates a complete cancellation of an order, he can be guaranteed a full refund. If it is a partial cancellation, the Buyer has the right to apply for a partial refund, which will be proportional to the total amount of Goods canceled.

If the Buyer initiates the return of Goods included in separate orders, the refund will also be made separately for each of the orders.

How do I get my money back?

Contact the Seller. All items you have previously purchased are stored in your purchase history. If you would like to return an item, select the appropriate one from the list and contact the Seller, politely stating your complaint.

Receive the Seller’s response. The Seller is given 3 days to contact the Buyer, offer a solution to the problem, and request return delivery of items the Buyer is dissatisfied with. Buyers are asked to be patient and willing to wait for return shipping. It will take an additional 3 business days for the refund to be credited. The exact day of funds receipt to the Buyer's account depends strictly on the conditions of the bank in which he is served.

Report. If the Seller does not decide within the specified period of time, the Buyer shall address the matter to CoolOrca Admin using the purchase history. The administration guarantees the consideration of the application within 5 days.

When do I get my money back?

Instant return. If the Buyer initiates the cancellation of the purchase before the Goods are delivered, the funds shall be refunded immediately. Funds are blocked on the Buyer's card or bank account within 6 hours after the purchase has been made. If you cancel your order during this time period, the refund will be immediate, but it depends on the conditions of your bank. Once your order is successfully cancelled, it will disappear from your purchase history. It cannot be restored.

When the Buyer cancels only a part of the order, the amount of funds fixed on the account is reduced commensurately.

Details about the blocked and released funds paid by CoolOrca will be shown on every Customer's bank statement. Sometimes it takes 5 to 7 working days for these changes to appear.

Regular return. You have the full right to request a refund or refund for items you received, strictly subject to a number of rules. When returning Goods to the Seller, always be patient and give him enough time to send the Goods back. Usually, the Seller is given 7 working days for this procedure. During this time, he must accept the returned Goods, evaluate them, and initiate the return (takes up to 3 business days). The exact date of receipt of the refund to the Buyer's account depends on the rules of the particular bank.

Return conditions.

When shopping online at CoolOrca, every customer is entitled to return damaged Goods or Goods that do not match the Seller's descriptions.

All Buyers may return damaged items and items that do not match the Seller's description within 3 days of receiving the package. Get in touch with the Seller applying the Messages option and follow the instructions:

  • Tell us about the problem in detail. Be sure to note your order number and the Goods, the quality or condition of which you are dissatisfied.

  • As proof of your dissatisfaction, attach high-quality, clear photos or videos. It is essential to take pictures in good light and remember to take photos of the Goods along with the packaging and original tags. These materials should clearly reflect the problem you are addressing to the Seller.

Always be extremely careful when shopping online. You alone are responsible for choosing the right size, fabric color, and other specific parameters of the clothing or shoes. Free product exchange is possible if the Seller has mistakenly sent you an item of the wrong size or color. Otherwise, if the choice of the wrong item is strictly your fault, the delivery fee during the return will be at your expense.

Underwear, bathing suits, jewelry, and piercings are Goods that are not subject to exchange due to hygiene regulations.

If you receive an item that is not the intended use or is damaged, you must prepare and submit a return request within 3 days of delivery. The returned Goods must meet the following requirements:

  • The packaging of the Goods is visually damaged, the Goods have obviously been exposed to the outside environment;

  • The original packaging has been removed or damaged, which casts doubt on its quality and origin;

  • The Goods have obvious signs of spoilage;

  • The Goods do not match the descriptions and pictures offered by the Seller on CoolOrca (write to the Seller about the color and style matching);

  • The package of Goods is not complete, some elements or parts are missing, so it cannot be used for its intended purpose.

Administration’s advice - carefully inspect each item at the time of receipt. If you receive a package with a damaged box from the courier or through the post office, be sure to take pictures. This way, you will speed up the reimbursement procedure. It is always a good idea to open packages in the courier's presence, assuming that the Goods may have been damaged in transit.

All Goods that have been damaged will be returned to the Seller, who will then assess their actual condition. The Seller shall be given 7 working days to conduct such an inspection. If the Goods are satisfactory to Buyer's complaints, Seller shall issue a refund within 3 business days of receipt of the Goods.

If the Goods do not correspond to any of the above parameters, CoolOrca market platform specialists will get in touch with you and clarify the details of the problematic situation.

Each CoolOrca's Buyer is guaranteed to return Goods that do not meet wishes and expectations if:

  • The Goods have not been used, and there are no signs of use on them;

  • Software products purchased through CoolOrca have not been installed;

  • The Goods have all the original labels and tags. Goods look new;

  • The original packaging is intact (if applicable);

  • The Goods are as described and are fit for their intended use. 

  • The Goods have not expired (if applicable).

Goods delivered to Buyers as a set of products must always be returned similarly, as a set.

Buyer must submit a return request no later than 3 days after receiving the Goods. For refunds, get in touch with the Seller. At the same time, the Seller has the right to request from you confirmations that the Product is new, looks presentable, its packaging is not damaged, the functionality is intact.

Shipment and returns

The CoolOrca online platform for safe shopping is not responsible for agreements on delivery between Sellers and Buyers. The Buyer, in turn, having read the terms and conditions, may choose the permissible delivery options at his discretion. Consequently, he is responsible for his choice.

Some Sellers offer FREE shipping of the sold Goods for individual countries of shipment and delivery. In this case, there will be a Free Shipping note (additionally indicating specific countries or their regions).

Free shipping in some cases may include free returns (return shipping). In this case, you will see Free Return on the item description. An order involving free return can be returned to the Seller within 7 days after the exact date of delivery. The Goods must be new, unused, with all original tags, receipts, and packaging.

In other cases, the price of the delivery procedure must be present in the announcement of the sale of Goods. It is considered an important part of the sales contract between the Seller and the Buyer. Furthermore, the advertisement card of the Goods shall clearly state the cost of return shipping initiated in case of returns (paid or free of charge).

Each Seller on CoolOrca shall independently decide on contracts with delivery services, dispatch organizations, and door-to-door delivery services. The method of delivery is prescribed on the Product card.

The norms and conditions of warranty are determined by the country in which a particular Buyer is registered. For example, the standard warranty applicable to appliances in the EU is 2 years. To clarify the warranty conditions provided in your country, ask the Seller accordingly.

It is important for CoolOrca to resolve all disputes arising from purchases and sales amicably. Sellers make every effort to offer Buyers comfortable, acceptable solutions to problems. Each Buyer must be informed about the rules of return and shipping of purchases, which are accepted on CoolOrca Online Marketplace, warranty conditions for a particular country.

If the dispute cannot be settled and resolved amicably, either party may write to CoolOrca. Disputes are resolved within 15 business days.

You acknowledge that the proposed document and Refund Policy is entirely governed and enforced by the laws of the United States, without reference to conflicts of laws principles. Therefore, any legal activity, asserted claims, complaints, disputes arising out of or relating to Refund policy, must be settled by the rules of

Why use our delivery

With our delivery service, you know exactly how and when you will receive your order. In addition, CoolOrca Sellers are able to send Goods to Buyers anywhere in the world.

The Buyer knows what he is buying. Each item of Goods is supplemented with real photos, detailed descriptions of both appearance and functionality.

The Buyer can pay for shipping. The promotional card of the Goods has a note on the country from which the Goods will be shipped.

Please note that your country may require you to pay import duties. CoolOrca is under no obligation to notify the Buyer of such information. You should independently investigate the matter and contact the appropriate authority to clarify the information.

The Buyer has the right to flexible delivery. CoolOrca offers several delivery options with different rates.

The delivery cost and its duration may vary from country to country.

The Buyer can track his orders. The Seller will provide a unique tracking number for this purpose.

CoolOrca shows final prices. You can be sure that there are no hidden costs.

Different types of taxes, including VAT, may apply to your purchase, depending on the country of shipment and delivery. Check with the appropriate authority for more information on this issue. 

Buyers have access to a vast range of Goods, including hunting rifles, ammunition, and hunting accessories.

The Buyer's sole responsibility is to verify in advance that the Goods can be delivered to their country. Buyer is responsible for showing proof of ownership and use of such Goods.

When purchasing Goods that are limited to distribution and need additional documentation, the Buyer is responsible for presenting them. CoolOrca is not responsible for the execution and provision of supporting documents.