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CoolOrca and SpyOrca ("Cool Orca", "Spy Orca", "our Marks") trademarks and brands are, Inc. intellectual property and are important and valuable assets of the Corporation. Trademarks must be used properly. Follow these guidelines for using our trademarks and brands properly in all communications, documents, and electronic messages.

These Guidelines apply to the use of the marks we may make available to you as part of Program Content “Cool Orca” and “Spy Orca” Marks. Strict compliance with these Guidelines is required at all times, and any use of our Marks in violation of these Guidelines will automatically terminate any license related to your use of our Marks.

A.    You are allowed to use our Marks only to simplify the conclusion of a contract (for the sale of branded goods on our website) or with advertising purposes.

B.     You may use our Marks solely for the purpose specifically authorized under the Program Documents. You may not use or display the Marks in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by us; to disparage us, our products or services; in a way that may, at our discretion, diminish or otherwise damage our goodwill in our Marks; or in offline material or email (e.g., in any printed material, mailing, SMS, MMS, attachment to email, or other document, or any oral solicitation).

C.     Each our Mark must appear by itself, in its entirety, with reasonable spacing between each side of our Mark and other visual, graphic, or textual elements. Under no circumstance can any our Mark be placed on any background that interferes with the readability or display of that our Mark.

D.    All rights to our Marks are our exclusive property, and all goodwill generated through your use of any our Mark will inure to our exclusive benefit. You will not take any action that conflicts with our rights in, or ownership of, any our Mark.

We will supply an image or images of our Marks for you to use. You may not alter any of our Mark in any manner. For example, you cannot change the proportion, color, or font of any our Mark, or add or remove any elements from any our Marks.

Please don’t do any of the following:
   1. Photoshop or otherwise modify our logos, change the color of our trademarks or logos.

   2. Overlap our trademark or logo with shapes or photos, add words directly around the trademarks or logos.

   3. Combine any of our marks with your name, your marks, or any generic terms.

   4. Incorporate any of our marks into your name or trademark or logo.

   5. Use old versions of our trademarks or logos.

   6. Associate our marks with any vulgar, obscene, indecent or unlawful material.

E.     You cannot display or otherwise use any trademark or logo of any third party seller or vendor on an Our Site in connection with any Special Link unless you have obtained from that seller or vendor specific written authorization to do so.

F.      You cannot use or apply to register any trademark that is confusingly similar to any our Mark in any jurisdiction. You cannot use or apply to register any trademark, domain name, subdomain, username or app name that is confusingly similar to any our Mark in any jurisdiction.

G.    You may not use our Mark, logos, logotypes, icons, trade dress or other elements of CoolOrca and SpyOrca packaging, websites or materials unless specifically permitted under these Guidelines or other applicable guidelines.

H.    You may not use the trademarks in the name of your business, product, service, app, domain name, social media account, or other offering (with the exception of special permit from our company).


We reserve the right to modify this Agreement or its policies relating to the Website or Services at any time, effective upon posting of an updated version of this Agreement on the Website. When we do, we will post a notification on the main page of our Website.  We reserve the right to take appropriate action against any use without permission or any use that does not conform to these Guidelines, at any time and in our sole discretion. Continued use of the Website after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.