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Users of the CoolOrca trading platform are obliged to pay for goods that they undertake to purchase on our marketplace within 3 calendar days. Subsequently, sellers do not need to initiate processes related to unpaid goods. Therefore, canceling the order when the buyer has not paid for the goods within 3 calendar days is an alternative solution. Cancellation of payment is possible if you have open items in your cart for which payment has not been received (3 days from the date of their official opening). If, within 3 days, for whatever reason, you do not pay, we will cancel the payment, and you will lose the opportunity to buy the item at a discounted price.

What is the policy?

Note: If your bank cancels the payment for products or you simply do not have enough money to pay in full, we kindly ask you to empty your cart from unpaid items.

When you decide to purchase a particular product, apply the "Pay" or "Buy Now" button and complete the procedure by sending payment in full to the CoolOrca website. Always pay attention to additional charges, including handling and shipping. It is also essential to consider the seller's terms and conditions included in the listing, preferably before the immediate purchase and payment.

If you do not pay for products, you violate our internal policy and become an unscrupulous customer. Your account will be credited with any unpaid items you have expressed an interest in. If you have many unpaid items or canceled transactions, we may impose restrictions on your activities on the marketplace site.

Unpaid items’ management

The seller has the legal right to cancel an order for which payment has not been received by the buyer concerned within 3 calendar days.

Sellers are asked to be careful not to cancel orders for false reasons. For example, if the buyer has paid, but you (the seller) have falsely canceled the order, it is possible:

  • Cancellation of all credits for a fixed amount of time.

  • Stopping the validity of your profile.

  • Inability to continue using the commission credits system.

The administration of CoolOrca Marketplace removes reviews written by customers who have not paid for items. We may also remove reviews for the following reasons:

  • Customer/seller withdrawal from interactions on the platform.

  • Cancellation of an order initiated by the seller due to lack of payment by the buyer.

Any activity that goes against CoolOrca's approved policy can lead to several penalties, including suspension or complete cessation of displaying ads, hiding them from customers, lowering their ranking in general searches, lowering seller ranking, imposing restrictions on buying and selling on CoolOrca, and blocking of your personal account. Any fees and charges paid or to be paid due to our application of such actions are not refundable to offenders.

The presented set of rules allows us to monitor compliance by customers. This, in turn, helps protect the rights and freedoms of sellers and maintain the existence and development of a safe marketplace.