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Cool Orca. Improve your commerce. Expand your horizons.
The Cool Orca Marketplace opens the world up to you. We are a safe and
inclusive marketplace for all. We look forward to growing with you.

Our Vision

Cool Orca Marketplace is an online retail hub for businesses and customers from all around the world.
Cool Orca carefully studied the modern marketplace. We determined the needs
of businesses and customers alike and created an international meeting place where their respective interests meet.

Our Mission

Cool Orca Marketplace is a place to buy and sell goods all over the world.
We bring businesses and buyers together and create a short supply chain
between them. Businesses and customers voiced their opinions, and we listened.
Customers benefit from direct access to a multitude of goods of all categories.
Sellers benefit from a favorable environment to conduct business in. Both cooperate to create a world without borders or limits.

What We Do

Cool Orca takes pride in connecting all regions of the world and offering equal
opportunities for responsible businesses. We support the interests of our
buyers and sellers regardless of their countries of origin.

Our story began in 1999 when our founder, an experienced merchant with a
proven record of launching successful e-commerce projects that connected
India, Turkey, and China to Western and Eastern Europe. His way to success
was not easy, and the obstacles he encountered on the way gave him the idea for Cool Orca.

Cool Orca has created a safe space for businesses and customers of all
countries and backgrounds, all regions and spheres, so that they can all find
whatever they are looking for. We welcome everyone who abides by the rules
of fair play. Our priority is to provide safe transactions and fluid communication between users.

Our customers will be happy to:
Shop safely on our 100% secure website.
Receive fast deliveries from any country in the world.
Influence marketplace evolution and improvement with feedback and suggestions.

Manage orders easily with a user-friendly interface.
Choose high-quality goods for all tastes and budgets.
Register with us for free and discover safe shopping opportunities.

Our sellers will be well taken care of with:
Business registration support
A generous affiliate program
Careful customer verification
Professional multi-lingual support
An easy and transparent registration process

Contact our team for details and start making money. Use our easy solutions for online merchants.