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Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy & Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions if you plan to register on the platform and participate in CoolOrca's Inc. affiliate program.

This document is binding between the parties represented by CooLOrca Inc. and you, as a potential Affiliate.

The word "Partner" or «Affiliate» in the text below refers to you (the direct applicant). This term may also be further replaced with "You", "Your".

CoolOrca is the direct submitter of links based on these Terms and Conditions. Our company may also be referred to as "We", "Our", "Us".

Referral agreement

CoolOrca Inc. acts as a link bearer and pays affiliates' reward for each confirmed customer referral to this trading platform. In addition, CoolOrca assumes responsibility for processing all orders received from referred customers.

Affiliate has the legal right to receive reward from CoolOrca Inc. in the following cases:

  • If an invited customer goes through the registration process on the online platform site, the CoolOrca administration pays you directly for the fact of registration. Such reward is a one-time payment usually made within 24 hours after registration confirmation.

  • If a new customer publishes a purchase order CoolOrca pays the Partner for the fact of purchase. This type of reward is paid once at the end of each reporting month.

An affiliate program offers a document that contains information about the amounts of the first and the second types of bonuses for the Partners. You can read it on our site. The reward size depends on the partner's tariff plan at the moment of registration.

*Details about promotions and special offers for every tariff plan can be found on the Affiliate Program page.

CoolOrca administration guarantees fair partnership conditions for every Partner and a transparent system of rewards control.

The reward for our Partners is paid via Transferwise or PayPal directly to the account you indicated at the moment of registration. If the order was canceled or the buyer received a refund, but you were charged a corresponding reward, we have to deduct a certain amount of refund from your monthly payment.

Referred customers

Customers provided by an Affiliate and undergoing the registration process on our CoolOrca Inc. trading platform, purchasing goods and ordering services will automatically be treated as customers of CoolOrca Inc. Consequently, all terms and conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will be applicable to them. The CoolOrca administration publishes all terms and conditions on its official website and has the right to modify them at its own discretion without informing the members. Technical processes and terms of service of the platform members are always dictated by the regulations and terms of CoolOrca Inc. policy, which are accepted and valid at the moment.

Qualifying Sites

CoolOrca Inc. has the right to deny individual Affiliates access to the Affiliate Program based on the subject matter of the content reflected on its website. Absolutely every potential customer will be carefully evaluated. If a site reflects prohibited subject matter, it will not be approved. Among the topics of sites, we consider banned are the following:

  • All types of pornography, including any adult sites with access strictly by age of consent. These are sites with video and photo content of obscene content. In addition, we prohibit everything that falls into the adult entertainment category.

  • Sites that promote aggression and hatred.

  • Animal cruelty, hurting or harming animals in any way.

  • Gambling, roulette, slot machines, raffles.

  • Any kind of email services.

  • Online earning, pyramid schemes, work-at-home jobs, and other similar programs.

  • Phone chats.

  • All kinds of sexual products related to breast, penis enlargement. Promotion of Viagra and other drugs.

  • Distribution of fireworks, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, live animals, prescription drugs, hazardous chemicals, combustibles or any other compounds that require a license.

We prohibit all entrepreneurs from:

  • Violate the personal rights, privacy, and freedoms of third parties (CoolOrca platform members).

  • Violate intellectual property rights belonging to third parties (brands, registered trademarks, copyrights, plagiarism, other types of property rights). It is strictly forbidden to distribute information and content that violates other people's intellectual property to others.

  • Use on the platform insults and slander in any form. Any content, including personal correspondence, must not involve illegal, vulgar, obscene, unlawful, fraudulent, or propagandistic material. In addition, any content must not provoke unlawful actions that could lead to civil liability and violate national and international laws. We will immediately exclude any Affiliate who violates any of these provisions.

  • Distribute malicious virus software (viruses) and mailing recommendations. Any member of this platform distributing information about any form of cybercrime will be blocked and excluded from the program.

Please be reminded that CoolOrca Inc. has the right to stop your affiliate program if we determine that your activities are illegal.

If you use advertising products in search engines to promote and advertise your site or promote affiliate links, you are allowed to omit the name of our site and the trademarks used on it in your ads. However, in your advertising campaigns, you must mark the name of our site and the trademarks used in it as negative keywords.

You may not use your affiliate link to pay for personal projects.

No spam policy.

CoolOrca Inc. does not accept any spam. We identify any spam as any email message that is unwanted by recipients, regardless of its nature (commercial or non-commercial). Spam involves sending out any kind of information that a person has not requested. We encourage all partners of CoolOrca Inc. to comply with the provisions of the anti-spam policy. We empower entrepreneurs to advertise the CoolOrca platform marketplace STRICTLY on "opt-in" lists. If you are developing an e-journal or any other mass email service, it is essential to have proof of people's subscription to receive mailings from you. When we receive any spam complaints, we carefully review all such claims.

If a Partner is found to be sending spam, the CoolOrca administration immediately terminates the affiliate agreement. The Partner risks losing part or all of the referral fees in this case.

If we receive evidence that the Partner is advertising goods and services of his site from the category of prohibited, we can immediately terminate the business agreement. Consequently, the violator risks losing some or all of the referral fees. We hold all Affiliates liable in the event of damage caused by the promotion of prohibited goods.

Subject to the provisions and requirements of this anti-spam agreement, we prohibit you from sending out:

  • Emails to lists of addresses purchased from third parties or organizations.

  • Emails to lists of automatically or manually acquired email addresses.

  • Emails to prospective customers before you receive approval from them to receive such data.

  • Faxes to anyone who has not requested to receive this information.

  • Inappropriate or off-topic messages in person, on forums or in group chats, especially if they violate the anti-spam policy.

CoolOrca Inc. has the right to suspend or completely refuse service to individuals or businesses without stating the reason or timeframe for the ban.

Relationship of Parties

CoolOrca Inc. and the entrepreneurs registered on the platform act as its independent contractors. Subject to the terms and conditions of this document, no joint venture, franchise, employment, or sales representative relationship is formed between CoolOrca and the Affiliate. Entrepreneurs have no right to create or accept any offers on behalf of CoolOrca. Entrepreneurs will not send applications whose content is contrary to this contract.

No Warranties

CoolOrca Inc. makes no warranties of any kind, implied or apparent, as to matters related to the affiliate program. Also, CoolOrca is not responsible for any damage or harm to any of its clients. We do not promise uninterrupted or stable operation of our trading platform, we do not guarantee the absence of errors and we will not be responsible for consequences caused by failures of our website. We offer all Partners access to the platform and its affiliate program in its original form, with no guarantees or promises as to the merchantability or parameters of the goods, services, or non-infringement.

CoolOrca does not promise you absolute financial success when using our affiliate program. Similarly, we do not guarantee significant earnings for all platform members. We do not act as guarantors of a stable and highly profitable business.

Governing Law/Severability

This contract between the parties (the Partner and CoolOrca Inc.) shall be governed by and construed under the State of Florida (USA) laws, without reference to its conflict of laws principles. You automatically acknowledge that all litigation and initiated arbitrations will be conducted in Florida (USA). You approve to personal jurisdiction and venue in that state. Suppose a court of competent jurisdiction finds one of the terms of this contract to be unenforceable. In that case, regardless of the specific reason, the remainder of this document will still be legal and valid.

Complete Understanding/Modification

All previously listed Terms and Conditions constitute the entire understanding and serve as the Partnership Agreement between the parties (represented by the Partner and the CoolOrca website) regarding the issues of this agreement. These Terms and Conditions serve as an alternative to all previously signed agreements and contracts. All changes, waivers, and rejections of any of the requirements outlined in these Terms and Conditions initiated by you will be enforceable only upon acceptance and approval thereof in writing and upon approval (signature) by CoolOrca Inc.

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